Empowering Lives Through Education

Believing in the transformative power of education to create positive change.



We provide tuition to marginalized students from 6th Grade to 12th Grade, both offline and online. Additionally, we offer assistance to students preparing for entrance exams such as NEET, KCET, and J2EE.
Furthermore, we extend support to dropout students by facilitating their enrollment in the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and coaching them to clear their 10th-grade and 12th-grade exams.



We help needy & dependent women in livelihood development to achieve financial growth and alleviate poverty. Our process involves identifying their skills, providing training, and facilitating opportunities for remote employment or establishing home-based businesses. By equipping dropout students and dependent women with marketable skills aligned with local job demands, we empower them to attain economic independence and enhance their overall quality of life.



We advocate for volunteering by offering accessible opportunities for individuals of all age groups. Volunteers as young as 3 years old can participate from anywhere in the world.
Furthermore, we collaborate with schools, colleges, and corporates to encourage volunteering. Volunteers serve as the backbone of our beneficiaries, and their contributions are indispensable. Without your support, our beneficiaries cannot thrive.

About Us

Founded by Jaganathan Rajagopal on 26th March 2010 in Bengaluru, India, Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust is a renowned education-based NGO.

Committed to addressing the challenges underprivileged students and dependent women face, we focus on solving their problems through our innovative offline and online interactive and reimagined education. or this part, we will write an additional introduction of you or your business. This can be about your personal or company history, success stories, or the products and services you offer. It can also tell about how you helped clients achieve their desired results.


Our Vision

We are beginning to empower and transform lives through education to Dropout Students and Dependent Women and help them live a happy life for a lifetime.

Our Mission

To ignite transformative change by dedicating ourselves to the education and empowerment of individuals facing unique challenges. Through our impactful programs, we aspire to bring light to the lives of those in need, fostering opportunities for growth, learning, and sustainable livelihoods.

Our End Goal

Education To Livelihood

Through Education (Academic & Non-Academic), we end poverty and help the below-poverty-line people be literate and grow financially to end poverty and live a happy & quality life for a lifetime.

2024-2025 Mission

To help North Bengaluru 100+ students (10th & 12th Grade) score more than 75% in their Final Exams for the 2024 – 2025 Academic Year.

To Empower 50 Dependent women with vocational training and help them with home business setup or remote jobs by March 2025.

Lighting the Path to a Brighter Future

Transforming lives through our initiatives with LAMP Educational and Charitable Trust.

At LAMP Educational and Charitable Trust, we are committed to making a positive impact in communities through our diverse range of programs. Through a blend of educational initiatives, we strive to empower individuals, fostering a brighter and more prosperous future.

 Project Bōdhane

An ongoing yearly program, where students are provided with specialized curriculums to accelerate and support their education.

Project Makkaḷa Pravēśa

A program with an erratic tenure, we help reinitiate the academic learning of students who had to drop/opt out of education due to unavoidable circumstances.

Project KumKum

A brief program that aims to empower women by providing them with skill development, robust support systems, and a financial advisory committee to help them set up businesses as independent workers.

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