Project Bodhane

Project Bodhane: Empowering Students for Academic Success

About the Project

Project Bodhane is a flagship program of the LAMP Educational and Charitable Trust, aimed at providing academic support and mentorship to marginalized and underprivileged students from grades 3 to 12. This ongoing yearly initiative is designed to help students excel in their academics and beyond, ensuring they have the necessary resources and guidance to reach their full potential.

At our center, we offer tailored tutoring sessions for students from grades 3 to 8, focusing on academic subjects, languages, and various extracurricular activities. Our dedicated tutors work closely with each student to provide personalized support and guidance, with the aim of achieving a minimum score of 75% in their final exams.

For students between grades 10 to 12, we offer both in-person and online tuition classes. These classes cover a wide range of subjects, including academic subjects, languages, and extracurricular activities, to ensure students have a well-rounded learning experience. Our goal is to support students in achieving a minimum score of 80% in their final exams.

Through Project Bodhane, we are committed to providing students with the support and resources they need to succeed academically and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Join us in our mission to empower the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Quick Snapshot of the project


354 students (Grades 3-8) achieved 100% results


40 students (Grades 9-10) got 100% in board exams


Avg. score of students in grades 3-8 is 79%


Avg. score of students in grade 10 is 87%

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