Events That Make A Difference

Explore our calendar of impactful events, at LAMP Educational and Charitable Trust.

Our Events

At LAMP Trust, we believe in the power of community and collective action to drive positive change. Our events are designed to bring people together, spark meaningful conversations, and raise awareness about important issues facing our society today. From fundraisers and awareness campaigns to workshops and community gatherings, our events offer something for everyone.

8-18 Years

Young Innovators Challenge (YIC) - Tech Edition

Calling all tech whizzes! Design a robot, code a game, or create the next big app. Showcase your innovation at the YIC and compete for exciting prizes.

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Transformative Programs: Bridging Gaps, Building Futures

Explore the programs at Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust – each a pillar of educational empowerment and community development.

Project Bodhane

An ongoing yearly program, where students are provided with specialized curriculums to accelerate and support their education.

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Project Makkaḷa Pravēśa

Through this program, we help reinitiate the education of students who had to drop out due to unavoidable circumstances in their lives.

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Project KumKum

Empowers women through skill development, support systems, and a financial advisory committee to help them set up businesses.

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